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If you are considering creating a trust, we are here to assist you in simplifying the process and ensuring that your best interests are safeguarded. Our team will guide you through each step, providing expert advice and representation tailored to your specific needs. 

Our firm frequently advises on the establishment and reorganisation of trusts, both domestically and internationally. We bring a wealth of experience in creating private trust companies, purpose trusts, protectorship vehicles, and foundations, always mindful of the applicable tax regulations.

Moreover, we employ innovative strategies utilising trusts and related governance structures to facilitate efficient wealth transfer and business control within families. We strive to help our clients plan effectively for the future while maximising the benefits of these arrangements.

A Trust is a legal arrangement that comes into existence either during one’s lifetime or upon death. It involves the transfer of assets from one person (the settlor) to another person (the trustee), who holds the assets for the benefit of a third party (the beneficiary or beneficiaries).

The primary feature of a Trust is its ability to separate the legal ownership of assets from the beneficial interest. In the eyes of external parties, the trustees become the legal owners of the trust property, while the beneficiaries have the right to expect that the trustees will manage the assets for their benefit and preserve their value.

Utilising a Trust allows you to effectively provide for your chosen beneficiaries and can serve as a means of asset protection. Our highly experienced solicitors specialise in drafting trusts that offer peace of mind for your future and provide added security for your loved ones.

Trusts can be established to transfer your assets according to your specific wishes. They can be created during your lifetime or included in your will. Different types of trusts are employed based on the circumstances and your objectives for your assets.

There are various types of trusts, including: 

  • Compensation protection
  • Lifetime
  • Will
  • Life interest
  • Discretionary
  • Family protection trusts
  • Property trusts

Our dedicated team of Private Client professionals is available to provide you with comprehensive guidance. Whether you are considering establishing a trust or currently serving as a trustee, we are here to assist you. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss how we can support you in your specific trust-related needs.

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