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At the core of our identity lies our ability to understand people, this makes us who we are. Our Firm is built on establishing trusted, personal relationships with our clients. Relationships that matter. 

We are a unique firm. Our unrivalled blend of expertise, agility and culture means we have the flexibility to meet our clients’ most challenging demands and adapt to the changing world around us.

We are entrusted with their most challenging and intricate problems within our areas of expertise. Moreover, we actively seek out, hire, and nurture exceptional individuals from diverse backgrounds who will eventually shape and guide our organisation. To accomplish this, we embrace a distinct approach to our operations.


Professional no win no fee, or fixed fee legal services

Regency Law Group offer a quick response, competitive service, tailor made to provide legal advice for throughout England, Wales & Scotland. We currently employ over 300 legally qualified Solicitors and Barristers around the UK.

What makes us different

Our unwavering passion yields exceptional outcomes

Our lawyers are free to focus on what they are most passionate about – providing outstanding legal services to clients that meet their individual needs.

Expertise from highly experienced lawyers

Drawing from an average of over 20 years of experience gained from renowned UK law firms or prominent positions within large institutions, Regency solicitors provide advice that is deeply rooted in expertise and industry knowledge. This enables them to swiftly and effectively resolve legal matters with efficiency.

We harness the power of technology to strengthen and enrich relationships

Regency's distinctive model leverages cutting-edge technology to drive efficiency. This not only strengthens the bond between lawyers and clients but also delivers enhanced value and significant time savings.

Client Priority

Regency’s collaborative and adaptable approach empowers lawyers to work alongside clients in a manner that aligns with their preferences. Regardless of the specific demands, our lawyers deliver personalised and tailored services that cater to the unique needs of each client.

Recognising that fostering an inclusive and supportive culture, where individuals can authentically express themselves, feel appreciated, and experience a sense of belonging, positions us strongly to attract exceptional talent from diverse backgrounds and communities to our firm. 

As a Firm we are committed to doing the best by our people, our clients and our communities and our business strategy reflects that and the steps we need to take to achieve it.

Regency has identified five key areas of focus and has implemented various initiatives and measures to support its diversity and inclusion (D&I) strategy. These areas of focus include:

  1. Gender: The firm prioritises achieving gender balance in partnership and leadership roles, creating an environment where working parents of all genders feel supported in balancing their work and home life.
  2. CAPability and Mental Health: Collaborating And Promoting Ability (CAP) is a network within the firm focused on attracting candidates with disabilities and fostering an environment where open conversations about mental health and physical health can take place. The firm ensures that mental health support options are well-known and utilised.
  3. LGBTQ+: The firm is committed to providing a supportive and inclusive workplace environment where all members of the LGBTQ+ community can express themselves freely.
  4. Religion, Belief, and Ethnicity: The firm places specific emphasis on improving ethnic diversity by attracting diverse talent to the legal sector and addressing any challenges related to recruitment, inclusion, and development based on religion, belief, and ethnicity.
  5. Social Mobility: The firm aims to eliminate potential barriers to entry into the legal sector and proactively engages with students at an early stage, providing them with access to information and resources for making informed decisions about their career paths.

Each of these areas of focus is supported by an active staff-led D&I Network and a dedicated D&I Team. The firm encourages everyone to actively participate and contribute to diversity and inclusion initiatives.

The firm’s engagement and activities related to D&I extend beyond internal efforts. Proactively, the firm collaborates with clients, suppliers, and intermediaries to support diversity and inclusion initiatives as well as broader Responsible Business initiatives, fostering education, awareness, and action.

We prioritize the long-term health and well-being of all our staff and partners at the firm. Our aim is to cultivate a positive working environment where everyone can thrive. Whether it’s through friendly interactions or providing information about our confidential counseling services, colleagues across the firm collaborate to offer support and, if necessary, liaise with medical professionals to assist in maintaining your physical and mental well-being.

We have established a comprehensive “wellbeing hub” that consolidates all our initiatives promoting physical, financial, emotional, and social well-being. Throughout the year, we organize a variety of events that raise awareness of health and lifestyle issues impacting mental health and well-being. Recent topics have covered building resilience, sleep, and nutrition. Additionally, external providers conduct regular pension and mortgage clinics at the firm.

We strongly encourage everyone at Regency to take advantage of the well-being resources and support available

The mere ability to offer assistance is often insufficient. In today’s world, what truly matters is the allocation of time. We firmly believe that pro bono work is a worthwhile investment of time. 

At our firm, pro bono is not an afterthought. We are deeply committed to creating a positive impact in people’s lives and giving back to the communities we serve.

When we engage in pro bono work, we dedicate our time, careful consideration, and expertise. This commitment is ingrained in our culture, making it possible for our people, clients, and communities to thrive. We firmly believe that by contributing our time, legal expertise, skills, and resources, we can open up new possibilities for individuals and organisations in need, empowering them to advance their causes.

It is even more fulfilling when we can collaborate with our clients and other key stakeholders, working together to foster and develop collaborative opportunities that generate a greater positive social impact.

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