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We are the driving force behind some of the most vibrant and accomplished wealth creators worldwide.

Our expertise empowers entrepreneurial and family businesses to stay ahead of the curve. For our esteemed corporate clients, we offer a refreshing departure from impersonal multinational firms. Consequently, we have cultivated a unique approach to our work. We prioritise personal connections, foster collaboration, and embrace flexibility.

That’s what sets us apart.

Our foundation is rooted in human interaction. We possess formidable resources and influence, yet we remain accessible, ensuring you won’t get lost in a bureaucratic maze.


Professional no win no fee, or fixed fee legal services

Regency Law Group offer a quick response, competitive service, tailor made to provide legal advice for throughout England, Wales & Scotland. We currently employ over 300 legally qualified Solicitors and Barristers around the UK.

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We help you plan

From the everyday to the most complex issue, we will provide you with clear, concise legal advice.

We help you reach agreement

You don’t always have to go through the courts to reach agreement.

We fight your corner

Our practice prides itself on its commitment to its clients, for whom it pursues the best possible outcome with rigour and litigation excellence.

We're clear on costs

We are always clear and upfront about our costs related to legal services, so you know what to expect and won’t get any nasty surprises


"Ali was absolutely incredible, he listen to me attentively, he advised me with extreme precision. He was very patient and dealt with all matters professionally."

Ahmed Bukhari

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