Commercial eviction

Evicting a commercial tenant

We understand evicting a tenant can be a difficult process for a landlord, particularly after the challenging times of the pandemic. As we emerge from the rotten pandemic it’s rather essential to look for lawful ways to carry out eviction services and regain possession. Any mistake made can be particularly damaging at the moment. Keeping up with legislative changes is important, as failing to do so can threaten a landlord’s ability to evict a tenant if something goes wrong. It is illegal to evict a tenant without following the proper legal procedures. 

Despite the best intentions and a shared goal of maintaining positive relationships, disputes between commercial landlords and tenants can occasionally arise, requiring resolution.

We have a specialist team of experienced lawyers who can offer help in the following areas:

  • Bringing or defending claims for possession
  • Terminating and/or renewing tenancies
  • Pursuing recovery of rent and/or service charge arrears
  • Dealing with claims for dilapidations and disrepairs
  • Enforcing lease obligations
  • Dealing with contested rent reviews
  • Pursuing claims against guarantors/sureties

With our comprehensive understanding of both landlord and tenant perspectives, we possess valuable insight into effectively resolving disputes between the two parties. We aim to facilitate a harmonious resolution that upholds your rights and financial interests. In the event that court intervention becomes necessary, we offer strong representation to maximise your chances of a favourable outcome. 

We offer guidance to landlords who encounter the challenge of a tenant refusing to vacate their property, even after lease forfeiture. Our services encompass the following areas:

  • Advising on whether forfeiture is an option
  • Serving notice for breach of covenant if unrelated to non-payment of rent
  • Applying to court for a Possession Order to repossess the property
  • Defending applications for relief from forfeiture

We can also enforce the Possession Order by instructing county court bailiffs or escalating the matter to the High Court. 

If you find yourself as a tenant facing eviction from your commercial property, we are here to offer a strong defence. Our comprehensive service includes: 

  • Advice on the legality of your eviction
  • Defending possession proceedings
  • Applying for relief from forfeiture

Get in touch with our commercial landlord and tenant disputes solicitors for further information and specialist advice.

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