September 2023

Subletting Your Leasehold

Prior to subletting your leasehold, review your leasehold agreement to confirm if you are allowed to rent out your leasehold property. Make sure to not violate any rules when subletting your lease as most lease agreements set out that leaseholders require freeholders' consent to sublet. Subletting Your Leasehold Leaseholders can sublet the entire or part

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In simple terms, refinancing involves replacing the existing loan with a new one. Refinancing a property is a sound financial move to pay off the original mortgage loan and take out a new loan or consolidate the debt. The process of refinancing is pretty similar to the traditional mortgage process. Here is a step-by-step guide

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Purchasing with Gift

Due to the rising house prices in the UK, most first-time buyers rely on gifted deposits to purchase a residential property. Some parents and relatives help family members to get on the property ladder. The majority of property purchasers use the gift of cash to support their home purchases. Purchasing with Gift A gifted deposit

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Grant of New Lease

Grant of the new lease is the lease extension granted to the lessee that will either take immediate effect or start on a future date. Lease agreements are highly complex and long-term, therefore, both parties should understand their obligations before agreeing to the terms of the lease. Granting a new lease requires the landlord and

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